An Easter Message 2024

This morning at midnight the bells at Sacred Heart church rang celebrating that the stone had been removed, and Christ had returned from the dead.  Still amazing!
After all the past Easters in life, this one, yes, this one, seems to be different.
I’d like to share something that I was told to write this morning that may help even just one person celebrate the gift of life and the gift of Christ in your life.
Here you go:
What would you think if there was an event that allowed people who have gone before us (i.e. parents, children, best friends, etc) to come back to life for a while?
What would you do to prepare for such an event?  What would share with them?
What would you notice differently about them?
This morning’s Easter resurrection is going to make that happen.  Eternal life will be those that have gone before us will be meeting us.
Though this event will not be on our terms, it will be on Christ’s terms.  It will occur.  And you are asked to be ready.  I’d like to help you with that preparation.
Our lives are messy.  It is not easy, and we all know this.  Many struggle with health issues, monetary issues, addiction issues, marital issues, sin, and I could go on and on.
That will never change unless we want it to change.
Because Christ lives within your very soul, He is your strength.  But, He also gives you free will.  So, in one sense it’s a battle of forces.  And only you have to decide how you want to proceed. The devil and his agents are waiting outside and are constantly trying to engage you and your actions.
You have to trust God.  You have to let yourself go.  You have to set yourself free.
You will find it is the most rewarding, and life-changing event you have ever accomplished.  And then, and only then, can you celebrate the real Easter, the real resurrection. That is precisely where the stone is removed.
And you again, will have the gift of life here on Earth.  You will see it in a whole different light and enjoy the gifts of goodness that come from Christ, alone.
And then my friends, you will be more than ready to meet your loved ones on that day that has been already planned and you’ll be ready and your reservation will be confirmed at the entrance.
Lastly, for all of us. May this Easter change us.  The world itself is unsettling and our faith has been shaken.  Maybe Christ is doing this to see how faithful we are.
Don’t lose faith. Support it by worshiping the risen Christ.  We cannot live by memes of faithful pictures and icons in today’s (social media)world.
We need to be present with Christ as He is present with us.
Being honest with Him is the only way back.
Ask yourself this very question now.  Not later, not tomorrow, not next Sunday.  Now.  You do not have the gift of time.  The hour is getting late.
All other things will come your way because you have built trust in a such great Friend.  A friend and companion that could never be found here on Earth.
May the true blessings of Easter be with you and your family.


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