We have recently installed a memorial garden to pay tribute to our loved ones. There are benches to sit and reflect, bird baths, and chimes that play beautiful music in the wind. There is an archway that honeysuckle climbs on, giving a delight to the hummingbirds that visit. Butterfly bushes for butterflies galore. There is also a beautiful gazing ball.

We will certainly add to the garden year after year but I would say the garden has a beautiful start.

Azalea – Kathy Ann
Rhododendron – Nova Zembla
Rhododendron – Percy Wiseman
Jaoanese Pieris
Jacobs Ladder – Heaven Scent

Early Summer-Mid Summer
Coral Bells- Heuchera Micrantha Obsidian
Coral Bells – Timeless Night Reblooming
Shasta Daisy – Cream Puff
Oriental Lily – Star Romance
Oriental Lily – Casa Blanca
Astilbe – Europa
Bleeding Heart – Valentine
Daylily – Lake of Fire
Astilbe – Younique White
Peony – Sarah Bernhardt

Mid Summer-Fall
Black Eyed Susan – Goldstrum
Ligularia – Pandora
Aster – Lickin Carmine Red
Salvia – Blue Marvel
Coneflower – Fine Feathered Parrot
Eryngium – White Glitter
Eupatorium – Chocolate
Potentilla – Happy Face
Honeysuckle Trumpet Vine
Oriental Lily – Casa Blanca
Garden Mum
Sedum – Autumn Joy
Persicaria – Fat Domino

Summer to Fall
Daylily – Orange You Lucky Returns
Daylily – Scentual Sundance
False Sunflower – Bleeding Hearts
Hybrid Tea Rose – Perfume Factory
Shrub Rose – Bonica
Shrub Rose – Distant Drums
Floribunda Rose – Sunset Horizon
Monkshood – Royal Flush
Hydrangea – Starfield
Hydrangea – Seaside Serenade Hamptons
Hydrangea – Limelight Prime
Phlox – Flame Pro Cerise
Butterfly Bush – Pugster Pinker
Ninebark – Amber Jubilee
Clematis – Vancouver Sea Breeze
Buddelia – Dapper White
Artemisia – Silver Mound