Beautiful Memorial Service for our Long Time Parishioner Laurie Amaral

Many, many parishioners commented on what a beautiful and personal Memorial Service this was!

Jean K. said “It was the best Memorial service she has been to”.

We owe it all to two people: Our Spiritual Advisor Brian Durkin who is the most spiritual, down to earth person you will ever meet, and Gary T. who visits us occasionally to accompany Brian with his beautiful music. Today was one of those days. What a tribute to Laurie! Her life was treasured by all of us at United Riverside. I myself went to Sunday School with Laurie and her brother Larry. They lived behind my father’s gas station. They would bring their bikes over to my father with a flat tire, and Dad would stop what he was doing to fix a flat or blow their tires up with air. We were in church plays together, Sunday School and celebrated Santa coming to church together.

Laurie was always one to contribute to any church related function and never missed a week sending a card to those sick or in the hospital.

Ed her husband, is lost without her, as her passing was unexpected. She was not only his wife, but his best friend. His family and church family will support him through the coming months.

I just recently told Ed, everyone believes they have control over their lives. They don’t. If they truly believe in God, they believe things happen for a reason. And yes, it is pretty impossible to believe that losing Laurie is in God’s plan…it is. We don’t really control anything. We can only assure we will live our best lives as Christians, and know everything is in God’s hands. When was the last time you decided when your loved one was going to pass? You didn’t. And although it is not anything you want to look forward to, it is out of your hands.

So, let’s celebrate Laurie’s life. The good, the bad and the painful. Every ounce of it is worth cherishing. She had a great life. We all just wish it was longer.

Rest is Peace Laurie.


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