Wrapped in A Blanket of Hate by BD

I’m at loss for words today
some living a CNN dream, to date
as they continuously produce a news show
wrapped in a blanket of hate

Not one announcer, guest or story
has a positive thing to say, of late
very seldom, is there any other “real” news happening
just wrapped in a blanket of hate

Since day 1, they’ve hated this President
always looking to bring an end to his fate
accusations, country’s enemies and haters
together in a blanket of hate

Doing absolutely nothing for the country
doing nothing to earn their keep
spent 3-plus years spreading negativity
just rolling in the deep

Perfect? No, far from it
Presidential? Nope, not that as well
Performance? The best we are in 50 years
Policies? The best, this side of Hell

Mark my words, my friends
honesty and good prevails, just wait
as time will unfold the truth, so soon
to unravel this blanket of hate

I’m not sure any duly elected Leader
will be acceptable, now to wait
we rest in liberty’s uncomfortable bed
wrapped in a blanket of hate

by BD


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