Things Needed To Be Done by BD

A Portuguese immigrant from New Bedford
with a dream, a vision and financiers of some
William Wood placed his investment here
and man, things needed to be done

Miles of bricks laid upon the banks
overlooking the Merrimack River
Irish, Polish, German and Italian workers
for three cold winters, they would shiver

They, themselves, could not imagine
the impact of their work would be
how it would employ thousands of men and women
throughout the Merrimack Valley

They would buy houses, fill schools and shops
the city now bustling with folks on the run
but in that administrative office on Mill Street
things needed to be done

William married Ellen Ayer
They, too, built a mill next door
only to create hundreds and hundreds of newer jobs
at night you’d hear the turbines roar

Wool was a hot commodity back then
used for wars and throughout the world
as the spinners and weavers worked around the clock
the sheep’s warm jacket unfurled

The Romanesque revival design
would stand for years to come
but at his Arden home
there were things that needed to be done

Building a self-sufficient neighborhood in Shawsheen
taking care of his employees and then some
suffered the loss of his two children and a stroke
still, there were things needed to be done

In 1926, while being driven by his chauffeur
he requested him to stop as he pulled out his gun
placed the revolver into his mouth
and no longer were things needed to be done

All of us have such power and such talent
God has neglected, but none
fulfill your vision and your dream
and complete the work needed to be done

by BD


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