The Widow’s Lament

The Widow’s Lament by BD

Sadly, how life has changed
from the happiest time, to this
never thinking it would happen
the embrace and your tender kiss

As I lay here, I think and hear
how the church bells rang and we wept
but I move to a place on a bed
to where you would have slept

Your gone forever from my sight
but I am confident we will meet again someday
as the ticking of a wind-up clock
will stop for me too, someday

The colorless flowers below
show nothing of beauty to me
the distant hills on the horizon
have falling into a sea

I think of future days
When our children grow and sprout
Ha, we were there once upon a time
Unsure what life was all about

I gaze at the empty chair you sat in
I think about the places you loved
That time you fell in the snow, outside
And laughed and said, “you were shoved”

But now, it’s empty and over
I must gather myself and move on
to an unknown future and guidance
in the wood, like a long-lost fawn

Where and how do I start
Do I start a new life again?
Amidst the grief and sorrow felt, now
I beg You, God ease my pain

My story, though it’s known others
But to me, it’s different indeed
As I approach a day like no other
Now that your soul is freed

Why, but oh why, I ponder
How could this happen to us
I feel battered, weak and unsure
But toil on I know, I must

God, send your power to me and yours
Show me you exist, I ask
my age is yet a bit older
And I bear such a heavy task

But the morning sun shines through my window
And the robin sings a cheerful song
And the world will keep on turning
And my memory will do no wrong


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