The Plan by BD

As I sat this morning, just thinking

random thoughts of the common man

our lives are predetermined destinies

our lives are, but a plan

Though we tarry, worry and fret

about the things we think will come

the most useless thing to do is worry

His will be forever, done

But simply, to care and have compassion

to go an extra mile

to help those whom lost around you

and leave with a precious smile

You may have a plan for today

errands, the gym or maybe work

but something else is guiding your way

somethings in your future, lurk

Be ready, be joyful and be a blessing

for Him, be His greatest fan

as you move about your day

your wish is still His plan

Enjoy all that the world can provide

with beaches and endless sands

“life is what happens when

you’re busy making other plans”

And that day, my friend, will come

when the road reaches its final bend

and the world as you know it, is over

the plan has come to its end

by BD


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