Say Hello to Tom & Jim!

As we are thankful for the members and parishioners that we see frequently in our church, we recognize our far away friends and shut ins we don’t see often. People move away for various reasons, and are not able to get to church because of sickness and injury, but they are no less thought of every week. I hope to let this post initiate an alternative way for our members to reach out to our members that can’t otherwise be at church every week. What’s that saying…”If Mohammed won’t come to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed”?

Tom & Jim are two such people. Tom used to be out Music Director, and Jim sang in the choir every Sunday, before they moved to Florida to be with their sick mother. They had family there and ended up staying. We’ve seen them a few times since then. They try to get back home every year, but as you know things get in the way, and that is not always possible every year. Jim has had a tough time with his health recently, and it has been an up and down road for him. I’m sure they’d both like to hear from all their friends at United Riverside. I think this will help bring “home” a little closer.

We miss you Tom & Jim!


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