Sacred by BD

It seems those days are nearly over

empty seats in every church

while others blame others for the loss

they continue on their spiritual search

I walked around the city park one day

and noticed 7 church steeples around

and asked myself, “what happened”?

I used to hear the bells sound

Calling families and folks to worship

calling all sinners Home

to repent and be free from their shackles of pain

their sins, they could now atone

Worship and praise has changed, my friends

I see it all, first hand

I need no longer wonder why, right now

or draw a symbol in the sand

Deeper relationships are needed

to hold fast the community of Christ’s vision

we clutter our lives with material things

technology and television

Churches may be empty because

they may be empty in a deeper place

relationships and diving deeper into the Book

may present a better case

Ask someone today to describe “salvation”

or the “three” that hung on a cross

name the town where the crucifixion took place

where our Savior took his loss

Many will go to the grave not knowing

not caring to understand why

to understand why we really are “free”

nothing to burden and nothing to tie

They may, someday, get to the Heavenly gate

whilst on bending knee

to find they’ve been turned away

asking, “you don’t recognize me”?

A sovereign and loving God

always at your door knocking

but to open it from the inside, only

why are your actions balking

It’s never to late to change your way

to find your way back home

whether it’s done with your family together

or even you, alone

“I am the way, the truth and the life

no one comes to the Father except through Me”

one simple statement of value

one simple passive decree

As you see the world has falling

to sin, to war and hatred

gone are the Palaces of Peace

gone is the space of Sacred


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