Our Lady Help of Christians by BD

The city sleeps in the early darkness
winter’s promise blows through the birch
as I gaze at a photo of a forgotten place
a grand cathedral of a church
I got to wonder what has happened
to the souls of those who live
who work, who have families, who love
those who take from those who give
Our morals and justification
entitlement and can not withstand wait
have been lost and witnessed by many
including the loss of faith
Without faith, there is no hope
without hope, there is no love
without love, there is no God
nothing heavenly sent from above
The pews, you can see, are now empty
the pillars still reach to the sky
the altar awaits His spoken word
the blood of life runs dry
But the souls of those that still come
to praise and honor His name
will see the beauty in this photo
and His presence is still the same
He welcomes you to knock
and enter when you please
be you joyful, happy and rejoicing
or on your falling knees
Yes, an inspiring photo, indeed
with the hope that someone listens
God’s whisper through His Holy Spirit
through Our Lady Help of Christians
by BD


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