Not Again…

Why??? Why can we feel safe in our houses of worship? Today’s horrific events remind us once again, just how precious life is. And how some erroneous individual can cut it short at the blink of an eye for some crazy reason or another.

I don’t care what religion you are….we should all be safe in our lives, and especially in our houses of worship.

We all  have to vigilant about paying attention to these individuals that rant and rave about threats about doing something and take them seriously.

Yesterday, an individual was arrested for sending bombs to people that didn’t agree with his political beliefs. Comes to find out many people knew of his strange behavior and threats, in social media and in his actions. But no one took him seriously, and chalked it up to a crazy person. But no one reported him to the authorities. The authorities tell us all the time, if you see or hear something that doesn’t sound right, call them. Luckily in this case, no one was hurt.

In today’s shootings at the Pittsburgh, PA Synagogue, 11 people died…11 innocent people that woke up Saturday morning, brushed their teeth, got dressed, and went to their Synagogue to worship. Minding their own business. Then suddenly, their lives came to an end. Due to a crazy person, with crazy thoughts in his mind. Someone must have remembered seeing such crazy posts on social media, or hearing such rants. If someone acted, it is possible this could have been stopped.

Our thoughts and prayers go all out to family and friends of all affected to this horrible tragedy. We will pray you all find some sort of peace out of this horrible and unnecessary tragedy.


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