New Thoughts from Brian

What Is Life by BD

The birth of a child
and your wedding day
the face of your child
on graduation day

The loss of a relative
the death of a friend
a life fully lived
with regret at the end

A silent walk along a deserted beach
watching the sunset after a wonderful day
saying nothing as wind is talking
being there for a friend on a darkened day

It’s not about me it’s not about you
it simply comes down to each other
for the love of all should be willfully shown
as done with your own loving mother

We do not get a chance to relive it again
nor to say I’m sorry or I love you
our demise comes quickly and we’re seated before
a life Eternal starts anew

Though simple as it be but hard to convey
we all have sorrow and strife
but the peace and joy we immerse ourselves in
will define to us, what is life.


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