Las Vegas Shootings…..NOT AGAIN…..

NOT AGAIN! Here we go again. Why do we repeatedly hear of the shooting of innocent people, for God only knows why? It’s getting only too familiar. Strangers shielding people they don’t even know from harms way. People taking care of people. That’s what we were taught to do. That’s what the Bible tells us to do. We’d never dream it was for a situation like this.

They tell us “Things happen for a reason”. But what reason could there possibly be for a desperate sole, to not only end “their” life, but take numerous other innocent, complete strangers along with them?

Why do erroneous people start shooting at innocent people, people they’ve never met, shot down without even a thought? In this case, having a great time, enjoying a concert, like I have done many times…Why??

No one knows at this moment…I think that’s what makes it so aggravating. Will they ever know? All for nothing. People’s lives were stolen, for nothing….One person….what were they thinking? What was his motive for stealing these innocent lives? They stepped out for a night of fun…and ended up with a night of terror…

I’ve heard stories from the people that survived…They feel so guilty that they lived, while other’s didn’t. Since when does going to a concert feel like a battlefield? I’ve done it so many times…NEVER would I have imagined such a thing.

The hotels in the Las Vegas strip area are going above and beyond to accommodate the families of the deceased and wounded…Thank You!….

The results of this horrific situation show we are one, and are all brothers and sisters. We are all connected. I just wish it wasn’t at the expense of innocent people.

Thank you to the Security of Mandolin Bay Resort…you saved countless lives with your professionalism and bravery.

Among the dead is a beautiful girl named Rhonda LeRocque, a Mom of a 6 year old girl, wife, daughter and niece from Tewksbury, MA. Shot in the head, for nothing. Her husband, father in law and 6 year old daughter, were joining her for the concert, when her daughter became tired, so she was brought back to the room. Rhonda was shot in the head by this random shooter, who shot into the crowd, into the darkness, not caring less who he hit. Children, mothers, fathers, no one has a face to him, he can’t possibly feel guilt for the lives he has cut short…Why does a little girl have to live without a mother? For what?

Rhonda was an active member of the Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Natick. Her husband Jason is a minister at the church. They met at the church.

What could have possibly been his motive? Divorce, bankruptcy, health, mental breakdown? Why could a person so described by one of his family members as a law abiding citizen, never even getting a parking ticket, do something so horrific?

Will we ever know? Some things happen for a reason??? I can’t think of one reason to plan and carry out to shoot into the darkness into a crown of 22,000 people, and hit and kill whoever gets in your way….

God Bless all the victims that perished. God Bless all of the victims that were injured, and the people that had to live through this horrible experience. They are going to need our prayers, our love, our understanding, in the months to come.

If anyone is able to help, a GoFundMe page has been set up by her aunt, to help with the medical expenses, travel, transfer home and the burden of her burial expenses.

God Bless…



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