Kathryn, Queen of the Rails

Kathryn, Queen of the Rails by BD

I reside in a lofty perch
close by where the tracks will bend
a few years have passed away
at failed attempts at my life, to mend

As the 4AM commuted rail passes
I’m living a fairy tale fable
the horn of the diesel strikes the key of A
and shakes my makeshift cradle

My mother’s picture is in my jeans jacket
her Mass prayer card now somewhat tattered
brings me back to a better day
when the love of someone so mattered

St. Patrick’s funeral bells now peal
but oh, now not for me
my time will come when it does
maybe 20 minutes past the hour of 3

Addicted to opioates for pain prescription
that has lead my life to ruin
as I try to barely help the others around
I’m always concerned at how they are doing

I dine at the finest place in town
on mashed with gravy on it
fine apple juice to wash it down
and yesterday’s jelly doughnut

Hard to believe, some say that I
that I’m the face of God
I wonder then, why I’m here
walking this stony sod

I am lost beyond all measure
I will no longer stay in this forgotten place
God will send me His message
His hand will He gently to me place

A poisonous buy has riddled my body
the mockingbird sings a different tune
much like me in everyway
we both will sleep past noon

My body finally rests in an oddly pose
from here, is where an angel sings from
as me, Kathryn, the queen of the rails
now enters into my inherited Kingdom. BD


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