Join Us This Sunday… Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday |

As it states on our Facebook page, this Sunday starts the most pivotal week in our Christian life.

Palm Sunday commemorates the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:1-9), when palm branches were placed in his path, before his arrest on Holy Thursday, and his crucifixion on Good Friday. It thus marks the beginning of Holy Week, the final week of Lent.

Palm Sunday |

Our doors are wide open and hope you will all join us for Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Our church will be decorated with loads of Lilies that our parishioners have ordered from our Easter Plant Sale, to take home with them Easter Sunday.

Our Pastor Roy has a special service planned for Easter, so you don’t want to miss it.

If you’ve been thinking of visiting us, or only visit us occasionally, this is the time to visit.  Special Easter Coffee Hour and Bake Sale follows the service.


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