Jen and The Perfect Match (Part1) by BD

en McMorrow sat at her 3rd floor flat kitchen table
her head hung heavy over a warm glass of soda
she glanced out the window and the kids playing below
then looked at the shelf at her deceased mother’s photo

“Dear Ma
I know it’s been 15 years since you have passed. And I miss you very much. Things are not going very well for me now and I hope to be seeing you in the next couple of days. Freddie, my ex-boyfriend, has moved out again. He has beaten me several times and I ache all over. I have black and blue patches on my arms and legs and my doctor wants to report this case as abuse.
I’ll see you soon,

She dropped the pen and flipped the pad over
and tears rolled from her tired eyes
exhausted from all the arguments and trauma
the emotional effects of her failed tries

She gathered her thoughts for her final days
and thought of things needed to be done
maybe a note to an estranged family friend
or maybe to her friend, a retired nun

I pray to God please help me
though, I think, you’ll come a day too late
I can no longer live in this body of mine
and I will no longer wait.

She heard in the rear hallway stairs
small footsteps climbing to her door
rolling her eyes and wondering, why now?
I really can’t take any more

by BD

Cont’d to Part 2


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