Jen and The Perfect Match (Part 2) by BD

Five knocks upon her kitchen door
“Who is it,” she asked. Thinking one more dumb thing
“It’s me, Kenny. Your paperboy.
I have to tell you something”

She opened the door and he stood there
not on his brightest behavior
“I need to tell you something, important
and maybe ask you a favor”

“The doctor said that I have a serious blood disease
a cancer that’s growing fast
if I don’t find someone with the same type of blood
well, my life may just not last”

“The pastor at my church said, not to worry
God is control, always
when things are just not going right
at the very last minute he changes ways”

She stood back in silence and bowed her head down
and glanced at the overturned pad
just when things could’ve gotten any worse
her overall feeling, just sad

“If you would like to help me out there’s a drive
down at the local AMVET’s hall”
a bell went on in her head
it was like hearing Someone’s call

The following Saturday she arrived there
and her blood was drawn by a nurse
she could see Kenny chatting with his friends
and grabbed a tissue from her purse

“Mrs. McMorrow, hi, it’s me Kenny
Thank you so much for helping me
there hasn’t been a match yet here
thank God I have friends like you, is the key”

She kissed him on the head
and left to go on her way
she received a call from a medical office around 5
and this is what they would say

“Hello Mrs. McMorrow, this morning you volunteered at a blood match for Kenneth Schribner. Well, your blood matches his perfectly, and we’d like you come to Eliot Hospital on Tuesday so we can start the transfusion to improve Kenny’s odds for recovery and possible save his life.”

Jen sat down at her kitchen table
stared over at her mother’s picture on the shelf
her mother’s eyes seem to contain a smile
she really was not feeling like her self

A feeling of joy overwhelmed her
God had somehow entered her life
her misery, her self-pity and her sadness
have vanished, along with her strife

Weeks later, another knock upon her door.
Kenny stood there smiling, holding a red rose
“This is for you Mrs. McMorrow. Thank you.
I guess you could say, only God knows

by BD


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