I Guess “True Love” Does Exist


True love does exist and this story proves it!

A 99-year-old man from Rochester, New York, Luther Younger, walks six miles everyday to visit his wife who is in the hospital. Luther doesn’t have a license and insists he visit his wife Waverlee every day. They have been married 55 years.

Luther walks six miles round-trip every day… in the heat, rain and snow to visit Waverlee in the hospital.

Luther is in great shape, able to do pushups with ease.

Waverlee Younger was diagnosed with a brain tumor nearly nine years ago and doctors thought she’d have just five years to live, said the couple’s daughter, Lutheta. Lutheta says both of her parents have remained extremely strong. Over the past nine years, Waverlee has been in and out of the hospital, sometimes for months at a time. Luther stayed by her side, walking to the hospital to visit every day and often sleeping there, sometimes on the floor.

With Waverlee in the hospital with pneumonia for the past three weeks, Luther has again made it a part of his daily routine to walk to her. He told me he could wait for Lutheta to give him a ride, or take the bus, but he doesn’t want to.

Luther is also a former Marine who fought in the Korean War, and he prides himself on his physical strength.

When he walked in the door of her hospital room, he said to me, “Watch this … baby, give me a kiss.” He kissed Waverlee, and her eyes fluttered. He is proud his kiss can still make his wife happy after all these years.

There is a GoFundMe page set up to help them with the hospital expenses.

Yes…True Love does exist!



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