How Important is Music Really?

We tout “wee have the best music in the city” on our website. And we mean it. Our members leave our service talking abut a great message they have heard in our service. But they also leave having heard some great spiritual an non-spiritual music from our Music Director, Brian. Your typical and sometime non typical spiritual music is played during the service, but after the service we hear all kinds of music. Everyone always leaved refreshed and music is a great part of that.

I read an article recently that the power of music mysteriously cuts through the mire of dementia and elevates the spirit through joy and connection. Yes even dementia patients respond favorably to music. The article explains “music stimulates what we call autobiographical memory, memories of one’s life and one’s self”. How many times have you heard a song which brought back memories of years ago? You can sometimes even remember exactly where you were when the song played.

I remember when our church’s Music Director retired. We were a mere one week without music, and that service was horrible. Luckily for us, it was only one week! Music in an integral part of a church service, and this recent article in the UC Observer proves it is an important part of dementia patients lives as well.

“We don’t just listen to or create music, we are music.”

Visit us Sunday mornings at 10:30 am to hear some of our great music. All welcome.


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