Goodbye, My Friend by BD

Hearing your last message on a machine
saying that you called a couple of weeks ago
hard to believe that voice is now silenced
Life Eternal, you would forego
The beach town nearby seems placid
none of your chums today, are near
its misty salty air, here
is providing nature’s tear
You have probably re-awakened by now
rising from your Heavenly bed
seeing your mom, dad, family, and friends
is the promise that God had said
The heavy sadness still with us here
as you departed from this mortal side
brings you the joyous time you’ve ever could know
cross the heavens dark and wide
We all are aboard the same train
all headed in the same direction
some arriving sooner than others
but we all have the same connection
Your faith in God has saved you
tended His lambs, fed His sheep
He has blessed you now, with His presence
awaken from your sleep
You will live on in the memories of those who knew you
Farewell on your journey, we now send
To an earned place of peace and joy in Heaven
for now, goodbye, my friend
by BD


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