Family Tree by BD

It seems when we’re young we don’t care

leaving the elders alone

2nd, 3rd and 4th cousins

when is it time to go home

Now the sleep in beds on a hill

along with many others

uncles, cousins and in-laws

husbands, children and mothers

But it’s too late to ask where or how I got here

no one here to answer the call

the family tree’s roots run deeply afoot

and the branches reach out long and tall

I can no longer pick up the phone

and ring and ask “who was he”

few today, will know the answer

and now it’s down to me

Pull out the pictures from the bottom drawer

and relive those moments of joy

the wedding, graduation and the birth

of someones new baby girl or boy

Traditions, recipes and relationships

seem to flow back to sea with the tide

are now scattered amongst the heavens

with the stars so bright and wide

Spend some time with your living kin

before our God just sets them free

appreciating all that you are today

from a nurtured, family tree

by BD


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