Everything Will Pass by BD

Nothing will last forever

any thing man-made imperfect

though built deep within the future’s soil

it barely touches the surface

Our sunny and glorious day

will become a rain-filled cloudy storm

someone in grief, now forlorn

will once again be reborn

The lily that smells so sweet and pretty

will bow its heavy head, and die

as with our mortal self

we will sever our earthly tie

But one thing, one thing lasts forever

God’s sovereign love fulfill

something you cannot escape

something you cannot kill

Relish in this gift

all good is never lost

simply because on the special Day

He was crucified on that Cross

As you go through your mundane week

preparing, planning your way

it’s could all be done for nothing

you may be with Him on this special Day

Everything will pass

only God’s love will remain

it out lives each and every one of us

throughout the joy, throughout the pain

The Spring of your life is short

even the radiance of brass

nothing, nothing lasts forever

everything will pass


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