Empty Soul by BD

Something causes me to write
experiences, thoughts, maybe feelings and woe
but there is nothing ever sadder than writing about
one that houses an empty soul

I wonder, God, how do we approach
how do we heal such a spirit
or lack there of, I might add
to those whom need to hear it

Many know me, and know my ways
perfect, I claim not to be
but daily I ask for His guidance
so that I too, may be free

We say we “walk in the light”
and preach to the tender ear
yet walk to the dark, at the end of the day
without reproach or fear

What you say you did, you’ve never done
what you did, a spirit killed
what you are, you live with now
and God’s command is willed

We say, “I am a leader and full of knowledge”
and maybe demonstrate so
but none will come near to your side, you see
your presence, they’ll forego

Lost in a fog, the mist of life
with no direction, home
you stand at the brink of tumultuous life
you stand on a rock, alone

May God intercede your mortal works
and He will attain His perfect goal
to fill your heart, your spiritual self
and satisfy your empty soul

by BD


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