Choir & Music Director Sunday Jan. 22

Traditionally, January 8th is slotted for the special Sunday for churches to show their appreciation for their church Choirs and Music Director’s throughout the country. Where is so close to Christmas and New Years, we decided to bump it up to January 22nd, so we’d have a little more time to plan a great celebration.

We have a special day planned to show our appreciation to Brian, and all he does for our church, both musically and spiritually. He fills in when need be, with readings and even an occasional sermon! Oh, and let us not forget he brings us soup or pasta every Sunday!  We don’t know what we would do without him, and want to make his day special.

We all know how important music is in our church services. Without it, your service is just a lecture. Brian brings the music together with the message, making every service interesting and fun. And his fancy, colorful socks aren’t too bad either! Yes, he plays our Baby Grand Piano with stocking feet!!

Join us January 22, 2016 to help celebrate Brian and all the Music Directors and Choirs throughout the country.


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