Brian’s Latest Thoughts and Our New Direction

We all love to see miraculous transformations. Whether it’s a sports team that goes from worst to first in a single season, a life-saving surgery for a child, a person that loses hundreds of pounds, or even the amazing home make-overs on TV, that takes a home in much need of TLC, and literally transforms it into a beautiful mansion — we all love the ending outcome of miraculous transformations.
Anytime we want to have a change though, especially one that will make our lives better, it requires us to believe that it can happen. We have to make a choice to have hope.
Most of us have found ourselves in a place where we were on the edge of losing something very precious to seemingly everything.
Whether you’ve lost your job, your mortgage is in risk of foreclosure, your relationships are struggling, or you or a loved one needs healing, I want to encourage you to never give up!
It all starts with your mind and attitude. Even if you don’t physically see this change right now, God can transform your heart and thinking, giving you peace that the world can’t give you. It’s a sustaining peace. It’s hope. Hope carries you through as you wait for your completing moment.
I do know many folks go through tragic events, terminal illness, depression, addiction and loneliness.
God’s incredible power is available for you, but you have to do your part and believe in Him and by faith, receive what He is offering and persevere in your hope!
Remember, no matter what challenges you’re facing, God will make all things new in your life!

But it’s up to you and your choice!
Keep choosing to stay in hope, believing for God to make things new, in His time. Remember, if we don’t give up, in due time we will be richly rewarded.
Lastly, use your talent and your gift to support others whom are experiencing conditions in their life that will challenge their faith. You’ll see a much larger return.

Best, BD


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