At The Gate

At The Gate by BD

I wonder what it’s like
at the beginning of our new Life
gone will be the days of sadness
of pain, of worry and strife

As I recollect my life in whole
and await our Master’s call
will it be quick, painless or hurting
as He stands before me, tall

What will He ask and how will I answer
there’s no telling any lies right now
before He turns and extends His arm
as I politely take a bow

For us all that one day is coming
when we will be standing at the Gate
it’s simply a matter of when
and how long we’ll have to wait

If it happens to be tomorrow
either early day or late
are you ready to stand before Him
If it happens to be tomorrow

Will He know you, and say “well-done”
you’ve helped build my Kingdom, come
your reward in Heaven now great
your time on Earth, be done. BD


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