Annual Meeting Feb 19th

United Riverside Church Lawrence MA
It’s that time again! Our annual meeting is scheduled for Sunday Feb. 19th after church services.

We’ve accomplished loads this year in improvements! It’s amazing what you can accomplish with passion! Everyone, pulled their weight in one way or another. That’s what its all about!

We have remodeled the old, dilapidated upstairs Parish Hall that hasn’t been used in years and years. We installed new windows, thanks to the generosity of some great parishioners. The walls were patched and painted, and new curtains were put up (again, thanks to the hard work of some great parishioners). The upstairs bathroom was remodeled, and is functional once again. The old nursery room has been patched and painted , new windows installed, and a new floor is being installed literally any day now. This will be a great lounge area for the moms and tots of the Iglesia Bautista Biblica Church, that uses the upstairs on Sunday mornings. We want to provide a comfy area for them to view their church services from in the Sanctuary.

If that alone isn’t enough, we patched and repainted the walls in our Sanctuary from the plaster that was crumbling in a few areas. We installed a slate pathway in the front along with loads of rose bushes and other perennials for Summer beauty.

In the future, we are planning to repaint the downstairs Parish Hall, the Choir Room, work on hanging historical pictures of our Chapels builder John E Aldred, and other pictures of times gone by in the Parish Halls. All of this is in preparation of our 140th Anniversary coming up in May of 2018. We’re planting more bushes and plants on the exterior. We are also going to incorporate a big screen projection system, to add short films to our church services. Our little church down by the river is a beautiful Sanctuary for anyone wanting to enjoy it, and we plan to work tirelessly to keep it beautiful and welcoming for everyone.


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