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What Is Life by BD

The birth of a child
and your wedding day
the face of your child
on graduation day

The loss of a relative
the death of a friend
a life fully lived
with regret at the end

A silent walk along a deserted beach
watching the sunset after a wonderful day
saying nothing as wind is talking
being there for a friend on a darkened day

It’s not about me it’s not about you
it simply comes down to each other
for the love of all should be willfully shown
as done with your own loving mother

We do not get a chance to relive it again
nor to say I’m sorry or I love you
our demise comes quickly and we’re seated before
a life Eternal starts anew

Though simple as it be but hard to convey
we all have sorrow and strife
but the peace and joy we immerse ourselves in
will define to us, what is life.

Kathryn, Queen of the Rails by BD

I reside in a lofty perch
close by where the tracks will bend
a few years have passed away
at failed attempts at my life, to mend

As the 4AM commuted rail passes
I’m living a fairy tale fable
the horn of the diesel strikes the key of A
and shakes my makeshift cradle

My mother’s picture is in my jeans jacket
her Mass prayer card now somewhat tattered
brings me back to a better day
when the love of someone so mattered

St. Patrick’s funeral bells now peal
but oh, now not for me
my time will come when it does
maybe 20 minutes past the hour of 3

Addicted to opiates for pain prescription
that has lead my life to ruin
as I try to barely help the others around
I’m always concerned at how they are doing

I dine at the finest place in town
on mashed with gravy on it
fine apple juice to wash it down
and yesterday’s jelly doughnut

Hard to believe, some say that I
that I’m the face of God
I wonder then, why I’m here
walking this stony sod

I am lost beyond all measure
I will no longer stay in this forgotten place
God will send me His message
His hand will He gently to me place

A poisonous buy has riddled my body
the mockingbird sings a different tune
much like me in every way
we both will sleep past noon

My body finally rests in an oddly pose
from here, is where an angel sings from
as me, Kathryn, the queen of the rails
now enters into my inherited Kingdom


“As you ponder about how and why things occur during your day(s), there is one simple fact. One simple reason why we are here. Don’t every get complacent or feel like you’re not needed or wanted. I do hope this helps heal the wounded and gives Grace to those whom need it most.
God is for us, says Paul, having given his own Son for “all of us”. Nothing is able to come between us and the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. “Neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor pow­ers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord”. Many of these things seem to threaten us in the sphere of work. We face menacing or incompetent bosses (rulers). We get stuck in dead-end jobs (things present). We make sacrifices now—working long hours, taking classes after work, serving in low-paid internships, moving to another country looking for work—that we hope will pay off later but may never pan out (things to come). We lose our jobs because of economic cycles or regulations or unscrupulous actions by powerful people we never even see (powers). We are forced by circumstance, folly, or the crimes of others into degrading or dangerous work. All these things can do us real hurt. But they cannot triumph over us.

Christ’s faithfulness—and ours, by God’s grace—overcomes the worst that life and work can do to us. If career progress, income, or prestige is our highest goal at work, we may end up disappointed. But if salvation—that is, reconciliation with God and people, faithfulness, and justice—is our chief hope, then we will find it amid both the good and bad in work. Paul’s affirmations mean that no matter what the difficulties we encounter with our work, or the complexities and challenges we face with co-workers or superiors in our workplaces, the love of God in Christ always abides with us. The love of God in Christ is the steadying force in the midst of adversity now, as well as our hope for bodily redemption in the future. May you know the renewal of Faith and Hope as a bird knows the first day of Spring and seeks pleasure in it”. Best, BD

That’s why church on Sunday is so important… after a long and sometimes, not so pleasant week, Sunday brings back prospective on what’s really important…it brings to the forefront whats really important…our faith in God, our church family, and appreciation for life, and living it to the fullest.

Summer’s Lasting Memory by BD

She passes with her long trail of memories
as the wren prepares her nest
comforts her young high, in a shaded maple
the late sun sets in the west

The linger of a freshly cut lawn
its fragrance lines the August air
children play on a nearby swing
not seeming much to care

The forlorn have slept on steel park bench
near a bustling thoroughfare
wrapped well, into the noon-time hour
seeming comfortable in his lair

The whales of August have come and left
gone to a place unknown to many
performed to those who came to witness
to the sea, for a few and many

The crickets call well into the morn
as a symphony of the night
and dwindle down to adagio
as the dawn sheds her new-borne light

But the longer day has a destined time
when September ends her fling
and the autumn day will glorify her beauty
like a newlywed who shows her ring

Her beauty recalled as winter arrives
and a cold wind blows into December
but God is great in all his works
and we are thankful, as we remember.

At The Gate by BD

I wonder what it’s like
at the beginning of our new Life
gone will be the days of sadness
of pain, of worry and strife

As I recollect my life in whole
and await our Master’s call
will it be quick, painless or hurting
as He stands before me, tall

What will He ask and how will I answer
there’s no telling any lies right now
before He turns and extends His arm
as I politely take a bow

For us all that one day is coming
when we will be standing at the Gate
it’s simply a matter of when
and how long we’ll have to wait

If it happens to be tomorrow
either early day or late
are you ready to stand before Him
If it happens to be tomorrow

Will He know you, and say “well-done”
you’ve helped build my Kingdom, come
your reward in Heaven now great
your time on Earth, be done


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